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16th Annual Meeting - Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise (FACE) Research Network

September 17, 2015, Delta Ottawa City Centre, Ottawa Ontario

The FACE Research Network is pleased to announce its 16th annual meeting to be held on September 17, 2015, at the Delta Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

PLEASE NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: The FACE meeting has been moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario to coincide with NeuroDevNet's Annual Brain Development Conference which will also be held in Ottawa.

CALL FOR SPEAKER ABSTRACTS - Plenary Lecture Presentations

The FACE Steering Committee invites Speaker Abstracts for plenary lecture presentations of new or developing areas of fetal alcohol research. The Committee strongly encourages both junior and senior researchers to submit abstracts for consideration. FACE 2015 plenary lecturers will be chosen from among those who submit successful Speaker Abstracts.

The FACE Research Network meeting is a one-day conference. It includes eight, 30-minute plenary lectures delivered throughout the day.

Deadline for abstract submissions: February 5, 2015.

We will confirm receipt of your abstract by return email. Notification of acceptance will be sent by February 18, 2015.


GUIDELINES FOR PREPARING ABSTRACTS: Please read the following guidelines before preparing your abstract(s).

1.0 Please submit abstracts by email to
2.0 The text of the abstract must not exceed 300 words.
3.0 There is no limitation to the number of abstracts an author may submit.
4.0 Please ensure that your abstract includes:

  • Title: The title should clearly indicate the content of the paper.
  • Lead Author: Please provide a 75 word biosketch, describing current title and affiliation, educational background and research focus.
  • Co-Authors: Please provide the last name(s), first name(s) and organizational affiliation(s) of all co-authors.
  • Source of funding for the study: All sources of funding for the study must be listed. If no source of funding, please indicate "none"
  • Conflict of interest: Conflict of interest or lack thereof must be declared on behalf of all authors.
  • Student/ trainee: Please indicate whether you are a full-time or part-time student. State "No" if you are not a student.
  • Background / Objectives: Clearly state the problem, study goal, research question and/or hypothesis.
  • Methods: Please include a brief description of the research design, study population, setting, procedures for data collection and the analysis (including statistical techniques) used.
  • For conceptual, institutional, educational, or policy papers: Please include approaches used, institutional, organizational, or theoretical frameworks applied, or development of rationale discussed.
  • Results: State important study findings.
  • Conclusions / Discussion: Provide a concise statement of the conclusions drawn from the data.
  • Keywords: Please provide up to three key words. At least one should refer to the methodology used for the study.

5.0 Please format your abstract as follows:

  1. All letters in the title of the abstract should be capitalized.
  2. Author names should be listed as Last Name, Initials of First Name (e.g. Smith, MJ)
  3. Ensure the presenting author's name is listed.
  4. The text should be single-spaced.
  5. No tables, charts or graphs will be accepted.
  6. Do not leave spaces between paragraphs.
  7. Use indenting to indicate each new paragraph.
  8. Abstracts exceeding 300 words may be truncated.

Accepted abstracts will be published in Fetal Alcohol Research, the official journal of the FACE Research Network.

FACE will support travel and registration expenses for invited plenary lecture speakers.

For questions about abstract submission please contact:

FACE (Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise) was established in 2000 to promote open discussion and collaboration in all areas of medical and social science research related to the effects of alcohol use during pregnancy and lactation. Today the FACE Network includes researchers, clinicians, front-line workers, government and industry representatives, policy-makers and other stakeholders from across Canada.

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