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The Motherisk Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) Forum

Motherisk receives questions from around the world about morning sickness symptoms, effects, treatments and ways to cope. Those questions and answers are posted here for anyone to read, provided the reader acknowledges and accepts the proviso and disclaimer below.

Food supplements such as Ensure and Boost

NVP Counselor
Date: 2003-11-17

I am 11 weeks pregnant and I have been nauseous 24 hours a day since week 6. I have tried Diclectin but it does not seem to really help and it makes me spaced out and sleepy. I work full time but I have missed a lot of time due to the nausea. In many of your responses in this forum you note that eating every hour may help releive nausea symptoms. I have been trying to keep eating but it is so difficult when you are nauseous - nothing is really appetizing and every bite is a fight to get down. I cant seem to eat enough. I mentioned this to a friend who suggested that I take a nutritional supplement like Boost or Ensure. I think its a terrific idea but I was wondering if they are safe for pregnant women.

Even if you do not feel like eating, it is important (and it will help) if you take a bit of something to eat each hour. Drinking one sip at a time (of a non-alcoholic beverage) is also helpful. We also recommend that women with severe symptoms put a can of Boost or Ensure in a blender with ice cubes and have it as a slushy. Used as food supplements, they are safe and most women are able to absorb them slowly when taken in this "slushy form." You are welcome to call the NVP Helpline for more information: 1-800-436-8477 for more information on your use of Diclectin. We often find that it is not taken properly or optimally.

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