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The Motherisk Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) Forum

Motherisk receives questions from around the world about morning sickness symptoms, effects, treatments and ways to cope. Those questions and answers are posted here for anyone to read, provided the reader acknowledges and accepts the proviso and disclaimer below.

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NVP and depression

NVP Counselor
Date: 2005-05-23

I have had nausea for 4 weeks now. I am becoming depressed and gone into solitude. My doctor gave me zofran but it only makes my throat burn. I have appointment for accupuncture not sure if it will help but I am desperate. My doc called me in prescription for prozac, but I went to visit my phychiatrist and she said I am not depressed (clinically) I am just sick of being sick and she advised me not to take the prozac but to try and pamper myself. but i am too sick to even go somewhere to be pampered. any advice???? thanks, desperate,

If you reside in Canada or the US, please call our NVP Helpline at 1-800-436-8477 for help. Also, view our treatment algorithm (listing all treatments for NVP, including Zofran) and discuss it with your doctor.

It is not clear from your question whether you are taking an optimal dose of Zofran and whether it gives you SOME relief. Diclectin, the first, safe line of treatment as used in Canada, contains vitamin B6 and doxylamine succinate. Both of these ingredients are available over the counter in other countries and are usually taken 3 times per day (25 mg of B6 and 12.5 mg of doxylamine succinate (Unisom)) as discussed in previous Q&As in this NVP Forum.

Regarding your feelings of depression, there is litle doubt that prolonged periods of nausea add to the misery. Antidepressants are not considered treatment for NVP. If you have better treatment for your NVP, these depressive feelings may go away.

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