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Every weekday, Motherisk counsellors share evidence-based information with women and health care providers who call the Motherisk Helplines. CLICK HERE for HELPLINE NUMBERS

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How to Survive Morning Sickness Successfully

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Consuming non-alcoholic beer and other beverages during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Although there are no studies evaluating the safety of consuming non-alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, these drinks might contain higher ethanol levels than what is indicated on their labels. more »

Complementary and alternative medicines and therapies

Natural doesn't always mean safe.

Some women and their health care providers may be hesitant to take or prescribe drugs during pregnancy and may seek natural health products as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Are they safe during pregnancy? Learn more »

Safety of tacrolimus in pregnancy

I have a 30-year-old patient who had a kidney transplant 2 years ago. She is now planning a pregnancy. She has been treated with tacrolimus since her transplant. Will it be safe for the fetus if she continues to take it during the pregnancy or should she switch to a different antirejection medication?

learn more »»

Operations of Motherisk Drug Testing Lab Suspended

March 5, 2015 (Toronto) The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) announced today that it has suspended all non-research operations of the Motherisk Drug Testing Laboratory until an independent review is completed in June.

The Government of Ontario launched an independent review of the Motherisk hair analysis program, with the full support of The Hospital for Sick Children, in November of 2014. The Honourable Susan Lang has been leading the independent review. Read more

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