Pregnancy and early childhood parenting are critical years for mothers and their children. This formative period affects the growth and development of babies and sets the foundation for their overall well-being. Lack of information may lead mothers to unintentionally or unknowingly hinder their child from receiving the best care.

Healthy pregnancies lead to healthy babies. For mothers and babies to achieve the best possible health, education must be available. Awareness helps. Mothers must be made conscious of the many facets surrounding pregnancy and early parenting, such as how they can care for themselves, what is safe to consume or absorb into their bodies, or what conditions affect breastfeeding. Women may also have questions about the things they feel, physically and emotionally, during pregnancy.

To help mothers, Motherisk provides evidence-based information on pregnancy and early childhood parenting to support and help mothers understand the risks and safety of every action or situation that involves them and their child.